Bootssuche für Lovre Perhat Kroatien

Weitere Nachfrage nach einem Charterboot für Lovre Perhat :


  1. I am Croatian sailor interested in European Junior championship, I can not find notice of race still on your web site.

About experience, I am 28 years old, i have 15 medals from Croatian nationals in Optimist, Laser classes and Match races also, also I have bronze medal from Worlds in Laser 4.7, and silver medal on Europeans. Also I have been coaching for 7 years. I sail in Split in star class few times a month, but I did only one race, Eastern hemisphere in 2016. and I finished 15th. If there is option to have some good boat there that would be great and cut down my expenses, but if not I will try to find some other boat from Croatia and bring it there.

Thanks in advance, Best regards, Lovre Perhat

Bitte meldet euch unter media@dtyc.de wenn ihr für Rob ein Boot bereitstellen könnt.

Please get in contact with media@dtyc.de if you can offer a boat.

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